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Frequently asked questions


What is Psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy is help to resolve deep, painful and lasting emotional issues by talking to,

and receiving feedback from, an empathic and suitably trained professional.



What is the difference between Psychotherapy and Counselling?


Counselling is help to deal with difficult thoughts and feelings that occur in response to

recent or current events.  Like psychotherapy, this is done through talking to, and receiving

feedback from, an empathic and suitably trained professional.  If painful and lasting

emotional issues emerge during the counselling, the process could  turn into psychotherapy.



How many Psychotherapy/Counselling sessions will I need?


With each person, the number of sessions required is different.  If you have been grappling

with (or trying not to be aware of) difficult thoughts and feelings, you will need to work

through them at a pace which is right for you.  Long-term issues take longer to resolve

than short-term issues, so psychotherapy takes longer than counselling.



What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy is therapeutic hypnosis.   Whilst you are in a deeply relaxed state,

you receive therapeutic messages from a suitably trained professional.



Will I lose control whilst under hypnosis?


You will remain in control of which messages you accept and reject, throughout the

process of hypnosis.  Because you will be in a relaxed  state, you may lose your sense

of time passing (just as this might happen if you are engrossed in a book or tv programme).



If I am hypnotized, does this mean that I am weak-willed?


No.   If you let yourself relax deeply, it is because you have made that choice.

If you accept the messages that are given to you, it is because you have chosen to accept them.



How many sessions of Hypnotherapy will I need?


It may take one or more sessions to establish whether hypnotherapy is right for you,

and the purpose that you have in mind, plus to learn enough about you in order to make

the process most effective.   The number of hypnotherapy sessions may be as few as one.

For giving up smoking, three sessions in total is usually enough.


If, in the course of counselling or psychotherapy, it becomes apparent that hypnotherapy

would be useful, a one-off session can be offered.